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 Label: BOSW
 Category: Soul
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Refreshing Music For Your Ears
I own the G-Fire II CD and upon popping it into my CD player in the car, I was pleasantly surprised at how the first song LFO just jumped out at me and had me tapping my feet. The the transition to track 2 the Latin influenced Por Mi Amor was very smooth. As I continued to listen the CD got even more interesting with the various syles of music on the project, very entertaining indeed. Not easy to do but this CD not only captured my attention but held it from track one to the end, I highly recommend this CD to anyone who loves good music.

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Silky Smooth With Groove
What do you get when you put some of the most talented musicians with extenisve tour and recording credentials together? Well you get a hot CD project, and that is what G-Fire II is. Led by 2 time contemporary jazz award winning guitarist, producer Vernon Neilly, G-Fire II is one of those recordings that make it easy for you to listen and take care of your daily routine, or have a nice bottle of wine while relaxing at dinner or with friends. The songs and grooves are infectious and I am sure the reason why songs from this CD have been used for backgound music for BET Jazz, PBS TV, and other programming. Why take my word for it, get the CD it will be one that you will keep in our music collection!

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