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Hello. Welcome to vintagevinyl.com!

Don't miss THEESatisfaction live at Vintage Vinyl!!!

Vintage Vinyl is very excited to be hosting an instore performance with THEESatisfaction!!! The group played LouFest in 2012 and are in St. Louis to open for Sleater-Kinney at The Pageant but will first drop some otherworldly tracks from their latest album "EarthEE" live at Vintage Vinyl. Described as funk-psychedelic feminista sic-fi epics with the warmth and depth of Black Jazz and Sunday morning soul frosted with icy raps, THEESatisfaction is future music now and you can see them perform at Vintage Vinyl on Friday, April 24 at 4:00PM and get your copy of "EarthEE" or their debut "awE naturalE" signed after their performance.


Special Pokey LaFarge instore performance and record signing at Vintage Vinyl!!!

Celebrate the new Pokey LaFarge release “Something In The Water” (Rounder Records) with a special Pokey LaFarge in-store live set and album signing on Saturday, April 25th at 3:00pm at Vintage Vinyl. There will be free Schlafly Beer at this event so enjoy some free St. Louis live music and free St. Louis beer!



I’ve always sought out the memoirs and autobiographies of musicians, but that can be a mixed blessing and a trick bag of subjective comments, depending on the writer---or his ghostwriter you might say. So often, the ‘goods’ you want delivered from someone who was involved at the center of historic moments just are not brought to the page; faulty memories, axes to grind, lack of candor, or in-exact recollections can leave you with an unsatisfying experience (case in point; the autobiography of James Brown). I’m happy to say that master-musician Ron Levy avoids those pitfalls with this highly enjoyable view of a life on the American blues scene, and it stands well beyond every such work I’ve read in the past ten years---at least.

A keyboard/producer/composer/arranger of the first order, Ron’s 26-chapter book moves fast as BB King in 1972 doing all those one-night stands; he should know, because for 7 years Levy was the young pianist behind the world’s best known blues artist, notable as the first white keyboardist in King’s employ. Oh, he also did the same for Albert King as an under-aged and therefore legal ward of the gruff guitarist, and along the way has produced some of the best blues/soul releases of the past 25 years for the Rounder label.

This book is brimming with witty insights, comments, and real-deal tales never seen in print. Ron also brings a real generosity of spirit and compassion for his fellow band members and the headliners, while also letting the reader know the nuts & bolts of being a touring sideman. There are over 100 photos (nearly all of which I had never seen), an easily followed time-&-place pace to everything, and in general informed by the line ‘half the story has never been told’. This is an informative volume that could only be given by someone at Ground Zero of the past 40 years of contemporary blues, and we are very pleased to offer this for 2013 Holiday Season, at $24.99. A major step forward in documenting the world of blues, I wouldn’t tell you no lie!


Displaying the City Of St. Louis' Proclamation in honor of our 33rd & 3rd Anniversary Celebration, it was only fitting that Josh Wiese (former employee and alumnus of the Vintage Vinyl College Of Musical Knowledge) presented not only Mayor Francis Slay's official declaration, but Josh also brought Mayor Slay's selection of 70s Rock for playing as part of the festivities: FOR THE RECORD, Hizzoner's first salvo was by the power trio Dust; 'From A Dry Camel'....Papa Ray was heard to say, Indeed, our mayor is a child of KSHE Radio ...




Check this clip for the wonderful feature that recently ran on KETC television highlighting our store---we can’t disagree with anything they said! Big thanks to Ms. Angela Antkowiak with KETC’S local origination show Living St. Louis for really getting the story and bringing the camera right down front for Record Store Day 2010! CLICK HERE TO WATCH


VINTAGE VINYL IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE RELEASE OF MUSIC BY OLIVER SAIN: St. Louis Breakdown: The Best Of Oliver Sain on Sain Sound Records on Sound System Records.

Available on CD and 180-gram vinyl presses, and from the time we announced plans for its release in 2008 there were inquiries and expressions of interest here in our hometown as well as from friends nationally and around the world.

1. Oliver Sain - Soul Serenade
2. Oliver Sain - St. Louis Breakdown
3. Oliver Sain - Bus Stop

OLIVER SAIN was the single most influential musician in the St. Louis area from 1960 to his death in 2003; no one had as great an impact as this bandleader/songwriter/producer/studio owner in nearly a half-century of dominance. But beyond his hometown, Sain gained international respect and admiration for his distinctive sound as an alto saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist.

Yes, he wrote material for which others (Fontella Bass, Ann Peebles) achieved chart hits, with a telling gift for crafting songs for female vocalists (blues singer Tracy Nelson has been quoted as saying his song “Walk Away” being as fine a lyric ever written for a woman), and always had the best working band St. Louis could boast, but as a soloist in the blues/soul/funk realm, only Maceo Parker is comparable as having such a signature sound and original tone. His influence on no less than St. Louis native David Sanborn is obvious, and the recordings on St. Louis Breakdown show a master of the studio world framing his great playing over original compositions as well as songs by others that became so transformed by Oliver, his versions are arguably definitive. Specifically, his stirring, strutting version of ‘Soul Serenade’ was a rallying cry for his fans in our city----his four-note introduction to this King Curtis number would evoke standing ovations and cheers at the shows and club appearances he made throughout his career.

We are so proud of making available again the music of Oliver Sain, a man we admired and loved as one does your best of friends. PERHAPS one day, our city will posthumously recognize this cultural icon; in the meantime, listen to his music, and be amazed and gladdened. Give a listen, and you will understand.

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Upcoming In-Stores
  • Irene Leland May 6 5:00 PM
  • M.M.E. May 12 6:00 PM
  • The Antlers May 13 3:30 PM
  • Bunnygrunt July 19 4:00 PM
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