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April 4 7:00 PM

DVD signing with the cast & director of STL THE MOVIE

STL THE MOVIE is a 2013 drama inspired by Menace II Society. The director, Arturo Smith of NIYA FILMS introduces life growing up in one of America’s most dangerous cities, St. Louis, MO. The movie takes place in several St. Louis areas that experience drug trafficking and gun violence. This film contains gritty, cutthroat and heart-wrenching plot twists that keep the viewer engrossed in the story until the very end. The author and star of the movie, Clentis (J-Wha) White gives a breath taking performance portraying Jay living on the mean streets of St. Louis. Cast and Crew that will be in attendance include Marcus "Guddah Goon" Howard, Martez "YC St. Louis" Parker-Bey, Jessica "Sweet Pea" Ivory, Jeffery "Bo Dean" Dean, movie author Clentis "J-Wha" White and director Arturo Smith.

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