Queens Of The Stone Age 8/13/2000

Interscope Records' Queens Of The Stone Age performed an exclusive private set Sunday August 13th at Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis to a crowd of over 250+ fans the day before the 2000 Ozzfest tour came to St. Louis. The band drew one of the biggest crowds for an instore Vintage Vinyl and what added to the uniqueness of the event was everyone in attendance had purchased the new CD by Queens Of The Stone Age, "R". Entrance into the private performance required a special laminate that was free with purchase of the new CD "R" and the promotion was started the day the record was released so not to cheat any fans. The promotion was set up back in May before street date of "R" with Matt Larsen of Interscope Records and with the generous help of local alternative radio icons KPNT. Special "instore event" posters were created for the event and all of this resulted in one of the best vibes ever for an instore performance in our 20 year history. A club size PA system was brought in, store lights were killed, concert lighting used, Go-Go dancers danced prior to the set and local cable show troubadours Lepers TV filmed a three camera shoot of the show that all helped create that vibe that Queens Of The Stone Age ran with and resulted in a killer performance.

2002Update: Footage from this instore is available for viewing on the bonus DVD that comes with original pressings of Songs For The Deaf!